Each one of us has a voice, but only the sum of our voices fill the choir of our future.



We are pleased about every European who announce here openly and honestly his voice to a future in Europe, to fairstep and our work.

Give the people of Europe your voice, give yourself a voice.


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Declaration of consent: 


By submitting my voice, I hereby authorize the release of my voice and my selected data on the website of fairstep.
I have the right to revoke the release at any time.
fairstep is entitled to use my voice completely or partially as part of its charitable activity elsewhere, eg printed matter.
I certify that this is my personal, individual voice, which I share voluntarily and without any coercion.
I further certify that I am an adult, according to the law, or have the consent of my parents.

Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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