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fairstep® is the European initiative "Europeans helping Europeans - people helping people"

We promote a better understanding within Europe, especially among the European population.

® is for a united Europe in which people of all ethnic, religious and political groups or any other individual views meet each other with mutual tolerance, understanding, dignity and respect. We can merge a non-violent, healthy, peaceful, safe and fulfilling life.

fairstep® supports with the help of all the people in the EU community charitable projects in all member states of the European Union.


Because, WE are all Europeans, WE are Europe!



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           "WE ARE EUROPE": download pdf here

           "WE ARE ALL STRANGERS": download pdf here            "Refugees!? - solution proposal": download pdf here            "Distribution of Refugees in Europe": download pdf here

           "Yesterday strangers, today refugees, ...!": download pdf here

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           "Our shame - our pride": download pdf here

Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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