Don't ask what others do for you,

  ask what you can do for others!



Small gesture with a big impact!

"Got an Euro for me?" We were once faced by this question in a street in Stuttgart. Presumably, not only we, in this and other days. A simple question and a small amount.

The question we would like to share with you today:


Would you have us 1 €? Just one!

With just 1 € per person per year, we can make a difference, even move mountains.

Can you as a single cope 1 € per year?
Can you as a family of three afford 3 € per year?
Can you as an entrepreneur, with 15 employees, donate 15 € per year?

Then be a part of something big. Take influence on the shaping of Europe.

Because we give you the opportunity to take part in decision-making which projects will be supported with your donations.

This portal with all necessary information regarding projects and donations will open mid 2014!




The projects are divided into three areas:


      a. humanitarian / social assistance such as

  • equipment for an orphanage in Romania
  • establishment of a women's refuge in Sweden
  • homeless shelter in France


b. ecology / environment / nature such as

  • maintaining an area of cork-trees in Spain
  • protection of breeding grounds for sea turtles in Greece
  • maintaining a river habitat in Germany

c. cultural projects such as

  • renovation of a historic building in Estonia 
  • repair a historic bridge in the Netherlands 
  • support of a local museum in Ireland



Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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