Run of the 10,000

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps



What happens when many join a little bit?


10,000 Europeans - 20,000 km




Running for a Europe of mutual respect, human closeness, the genuine tolerance and deep confidence.




For a common future of all people in Europe.

Some say, "You're crazy." We say that man can accomplish everything.

We do not fly to the moon. We do not revolve around the earth. We run through Europe!

Here is the task:

Run with us. Be excited when 10,000 Europeans cross all countries of the European Union and cover 20,000 kilometers.

Do you want to actively participate in this historic event?

This portal with all necessary information will open by mid-2014!



First, some small preliminary details:

Expected departure: March / April

Planned Duration: 6 months

Each participant runs a distance of two kilometers.

Start and finish is Athens / Acropolis, Greece

The trail passes through all the capitals of the respective countries.


Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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