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Show Europe YOUR face!

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                    100,000 people and businesses in Europe

                                  100,000 faces and more!

How do you imagine a united Europe of the Europeans?
How do you see yourself in this Europe as a human?
What would you do for a beautiful Europe?
What do you expect from a Europe of the future?
What kind of European company are you?

Introduce yourself and show your face.
Donate for the people of Europe.

Whether an individual, family, school, leisure group, work colleagues, club, small business or corporation. Show all Europeans your picture and your vision of Europe. Join us and become part of something great.

Why? Because Europe is made out of each of you! Because you are important! Because you are Europe!

Images, advertisement, banners, texts and links with discriminating, racist or insulting content as well as violent or pornographic material will not be accepted and immediately deleted.

Moreover, this is not a platform for political or religious advertising and opinions.

The donations for the "100,000 faces" pages will be used exclusively for the development of fairstep in Europe, the organization of the "Run of 10,000" and of course for the EU projects.





Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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