about us



fairstep is an independent charity that was founded as a charitable entrepreneur society, as a precursor of a non-profit company.

Our ambition is to create an understanding of culture, habits and lives of people in Europe by means of community projects in all countries of the European Union, and in the future throughout Europe.

We believe that a mutual way of all Europeans is the most important social step in the 21st century.

We are firmly convinced that we can only manage this way with all its difficulties, together.

We want to tread this path with all people living in Europe in dignity, in tolerance, human respect and mutual confidence.

Without these attributes, all of us will fail.


We are convinced that we have a unique historic opportunity


  • to meet us in peace
  • to learn about the social and cultural variety in Europe
  • to experience it
  • and to enrich all our lives.

It is our hope that many people will join us on this journey and help us to make Europe to a continent for free and decent people.

Because, we are all Europeans, we only must understand and accept it!

fairstep has no political, religious or economic targets.

Our actions are based on the human rights of the United Nations.



Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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