The Agora (ancient Greek ἀγορά) was the central festival-, gathering- and market place of a city in ancient Greece. But neither localised nor time-bound, there were marketplaces worldwide, from ancient times through the Middle Ages until recent modern times, where the public and social life took its centre. Whether as a trading point, message exchange, people's and court meetings or rallies and spectacle, it was the focal point and centre of community life.


Even today they exist, official or un- places where you can meet people and exchanging ideas. People are telling, discussing and reciting. People interact. Our lives touch each other. Sometime just a little bit, sometimes very intense, cautious or intimately.


This idea of ​​the encounter we want to carry on with our Agora. With our (for the present) four different virtual marketplaces, we want to invite all of you, all Europeans to exchange.


  • European Voices
  • Sights of Europe
  • European Short Stories
  • 100,000 European faces


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Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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