Terms and Conditions


  • The donation amount depends on the size of the image display.
  • There are the following categories: (size - donation - format)
         XS - 100 € - 320 x 240
         S - 250 € - 640 x 480
         M - 500 € - 1280 x 1024
         L - 1000 € - 1600 x 1200
         XL - 2500- so far no limit
         Relevant examples you may find here.
  • You can tag your images with a link. (lump sum + € 10, - / image and page).
  • With your donation you will not acquire any rights to the fairstep homepage.
  • You have the right that an image will be placed on the desired country page/s and category.
  • You have the possibility to publish images independently on multiple country sites.
  • Images and links published can no longer be changed.
  • Your image remains on this page until 30.10.2014, possibly longer.
  • The positioning of your image is based on the receipt of the donation and the image. 
  • Images, advertisement, banners, texts and links with discriminating, racist or insulting content as well as violent or pornographic material will not be accepted and immediately deleted.
  • Moreover, this is not a platform for political or religious advertising and opinions.
  • We reserve the right at any time to delete images and links that do not correspond with the spirit of this site.
  • If images and links can not be accepted by us, you get the opportunity to place an alternative image / link. Should this need to be removed too, you will get back your donation, less expenses incurred.
  • If you wish the deletion of your image / link at a later date, this will be possible at any time. In this case no refund of your donation is possible. The vacant placement is then again available to the public.
  • The images including link and text must be of a compatible size. If this is not the case, we do not assume any liability for representation of your image or text.
  • Images must be JPEG or GIF format.
  • The images must have the maximum size of the desired format.
  • The images may not be animated.
  • The links must lead to public accessible websites.
  • You must own all rights to the use of your pictures, text, links and websites. For violating the rights of others, we do not assume any liability.
  • In the disclosure of violations, images, text and links are inactivated by us for legal clarification.
  • Parents are liable for their children.
  • Due to maintenance and conversion work, the fairstep web-side on the whole or part of the short term be offline. Since this can also affect this sites we hope for your understanding.


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