Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councilors, and Municipal Representatives,


As part of the "Run of the 10,000" event, and as the initiators, we at fairstep® have drafted a tentative running route through all the countries of the European Union. Currently, this route also runs through your municipality. You can view and evaluate the exact route here. According to current plans, the "Run of the 10,000" will be held in the period from April to October. Here you will also find the approximate time period during which the run will pass through your municipality.


In order to carry out this event, we kindly ask for your approval and your valued participation.

Are you ready to take part in this extraordinary event? We kindly request that you fill out declaration of consent in full and sign it before returning it to us.


Please examine the current running route through your municipality. If our suggestion is partially or entirely unsuitable or inconvenient for you, we are of course open to alternative suggestions. Are there any places of interest that the route should pass by? Are any (partial) sections that are impassable or even dangerous for the runners?


For this, please use the Google Maps link we have provided to enter any desired changes and send us the updated link including a description, including any notes. Please understand that we may not be able to fully incorporate all your suggestions.


We would also appreciate it if you could discuss and coordinate this with your neighboring municipalities.


We would be glad to answer your questions by phone (+49-(0)7971-9122207) or via e-mail (


Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Declaration of consent.pdf
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