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Welcome to fairstep®'s European project registration:


In order to take part in the fairstep® program, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:


  • You are resident in an EU country
  • Your project is located in an EU country and/or is to be implemented / realized in an EU country
  • Your project falls under one of the following three categories

·        Humanitarian aid / social aid

·        Ecology / environment / nature

·        Cultural projects / culture



Does your project satisfy all points mentioned above? If yes, then please follow the below procedure:

Please register hereafter. Once we have received your data, you will receive a project number. Please note down this number in your project documentation and provide this number in all communication with us.

In the following, you will be able to download the project document templates in PDF format.


You will also receive the templates in .doc format from us via e-mail. These are to be filled out directly. 

Please fill out all the points on our templates by machine (not by hand), so that they can be copied digitally. I you have any questions, please send an e-mail to project-quest@fairstep.org.

Send us all your project documents in the English  together with all necessary attachments via e -mail to projects@fairstep.org

Upon receiving the project documents, we will check to ensure that they are complete. We will then present your project online at fairstep.org.


The responsibility of the correctness of the information on your project, lies entirely with you.

By submitting your project, you are requesting aid in from of donations from all the inhabitants of the EU. There is no obligation to finance your project.


Our donation drive for the projects submitted each calendar year end on Dec 31. All funding provisions will begin in January of the following year. Exceptions to this are direct and complete funding packages from individual sponsors.


Projects that receive funding will be identified as such, but will remain on the fairstep® website as having been realized. Your implementation will be documented continuously and presented online.


Projects without funding will be marked as being unrealized and upon request, can be re-listed the following year.


For questions please use our contact form



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Registration form

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Declaration of consent

By sending this registration information, we hereby confirm our intention to submit a project at a
We confirm that all the information is correct and that we are responsible for this information and any communication.
We have read, understood and accept t
he requirements and the procedure in their entirety.
Furthermore, we also declare that we are of legal age as defined by law.



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