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Creative Registration Form (CRF)

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Declaration of consent:

By sending the Creative Registration Form (CRF), I /we confirm my / our intention to send a logo, type and / or logo & type proposal for and to fairstep.
I / we certify that my / our proposal was created and designed by myself / ourselves and thus no other rights now and in the future will be hurt.

I / we agree and certify that fairstep has the only right of publishing my / our proposal and I / we take the responsibility that it would not be published by myself / ourselves or anybody else before the result of the voting is published.

I / we certify that my / our proposal will take part of the publishing and voting process on the fairstep website.

I / we certify that if I / we will win this contest or will be one of the five best, all rights and graphics of my / our proposal will be transferred to fairstep. With this transfer fairstep receive the right to use it in any case and nobody else has the right to use it anywhere. All of this will be free of charge.

I / we agree that my / our name and / or link will be hidden during the time of voting. After the results are published, I / we agree on disclosing my / our name and / or link according to my / our intention made in the CRF.

I further certify that I am an adult, according to the law, or have the consent of my parents.



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