General information for "Run of the 10.000" participants


You would like to participate in this exciting event?

You believe in a Europe for the people?

You fulfill the following requirements?

Then apply today for the route section you'd like to participate in!


Requirements: Participants need to be


  • a citizen of an EU country,
  • of legal age,
  • and be able to complete the route section in question within approx. 9 minutes.



Each runner will be assigned a specific running route that is about two kilometers long in the sections they have chosen. If the number of runners who have applied for a single route section is greater than the number of running routes available, the assignment will be done by drawing lots.

Where possible, each running route will be assigned a backup runner. All those who have not been chosen as runners or backup runners will be added to a waiting list for this route section upon request.

Each runner, backup runner and persons on the waiting list are to sign a runner's declaration.

The actual course of individual route sections may also change at short notice.


There will be no entry fee, but we would be glade to receive donations of any amount from the applicants, e.g. €1!!!



How it works:


  • Fill out and submit application online.
  • After the applications have been reviewed and the running routes have been assigned, the results will be published here.
  • We will inform you via e-mail when the overviews will become available.
  • All runners, backup runners and persons on the waiting list are to sign and return the runner's declarations by the date and time specified. The latest date to submit the declarations will be announced together with the list of runners. If the runner's declaration is not received by the date and time specified, the backup runners and/or participants will be moved up according to the waiting list.
  • After the schedules have been completed, runners will be informed of the times (day, hour) at which they are to stand by at the beginning of their running route. Unfortunately, we will all have to be understanding of delays.
  • Children and teenagers may also apply if they fulfill the other requirements, their parents provide their consent, and at least one legal guardian accompanies them during their run. Teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 may also complete the run alone as long as their parents are willing to assume responsibility for this.



Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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