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The very first subject is: Your favorite word!? Tell us your one in any language and describe why



New subject: New Year & 2013!

How have you celebrate it and what are your wishes, hopes and dreams?



New subject: How do you celebrate the crazy time of carnival - general in your country & personally? (events, festivals, parties, ...)



New subject: "Run of the 10.000"

Share your thoughts with other Europeans!

Would you like to participate?



New subject: "Signs of Europe"

Show your landmark! Whether big or small, old or young. Buildings, people, nature, or whatever else makes your town, your community, your neighborhood individual. Posting the photos here on the fairstep Facebook page and / or send it to (please include what, where, who). We turn it into a beautiful European-Picture gallery for all.



New subject: Where is your favourite European place for vacation?



New subject: Living Europe! Who has a similar situation as Erja? Please share it with us!



New subject: Your country in Europe?

How do you see your country within Europe, especially the people? What do you like, expect and hope? What would you and should be changed? What are your solicitudes, apprehension and fears?


06.11. 2013

New subject: Harvest Festival

Do you celebrate "Harvest Festival" / "Thanksgiving" in your country? If so, how in general and personally?


04.12. 2013


How do you celebrate in your country Christmas with your children? Anything specific and / or typical for or with them? How, what, when? Please share it with others!



New subject: Your wishes 2014?!

What are your wishes and dreams in 2014 for the people of Europe?



No new subject, but a little riddle:

Where is the community with this town sign?



New subject: Commemorative Days 2015!



31.12.2015 New Year's Eve



New subject: What do you expect in 2016?

Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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