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We wish you happiness, love and health for 2016.



Info-Telex fairstep 29/15 - "Commemorative Days 2015"

Info-Telex fairstep 28/15 - "Merry Christmas "

We wish you, your families, relations and friends a Merry Christmas, reflective holidays and peaceful days for all peoples of our world!


Info-Telex fairstep 27/15 - "3 Stories - 5 Languages, 2 Authors - 15 Translators"


Join us, relax, read & enjoy European Short Stories!




Info-Telex fairstep 26/15 - "Refugees in Europe - Solution 2.0" & "International Day of Charity"


It is time to act!



Info-Telex fairstep 25/15 - "World Humanitarian Day" & "Refugees Life Button"


A voice for refugees!



Info-Telex fairstep 24/15 - "WE ARE EUROPE" & "WE ARE ALL STRANGERS"


Petitions about us as Europeans and the refugees who are coming to us to the governing persons of Europe.




Info-Telex fairstep 23/15 - "Power Smile & ESS"

Where is your Power Smile of Today?


Further, first European stories are published on ESS - European Short Stories.




Info-Telex fairstep 22/14 - "Run of the 10,000" - next chapter



Info-Telex fairstep 21/14 - Europe riddle

Where is the community with this town sign?


Info-Telex fairstep 20/14 - New subject

New subject: Your wishes 2014?!



We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

Who of you is still missing New Year's pledge for 2014, how about this recipe:
Take a portion of patience, mix it with the same amount of understanding and then wrap the whole thing with an equivalent share of (charity-) love.

You'll be surprised how easy life can be.


We wish all Europeans, friends of fairstep, followers and people all over the world Merry Christmas and a peaceful and loving life.


Info-Telex fairstep 19/13 - New subject



Info-Telex fairstep 18/13 - New subject

New subject: Harvest Festival


Info-Telex fairstep 17/13 - New subject

New subject: Your country in Europe?



03.09.2013 - New subject: Living Europe! Who has a similar situation as Erja? Please share it with us!



Danke Herr Bundespräsident!
Pressemitteilung: 22.08.2013
Pressemitteilung fairstep Aug. 2013 dt.p
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Thank you Mr. President!
Press release: Aug., 22nd 2013
Press release fairstep Aug. 2013 eng.pdf
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Info-Telex fairstep 16/13 - Finnish, Romanian & Slovak

... the fairstep website is now also available in Finnish, Romanian and Slovak ...

... deep thanks to Erja Stegehuis, Claudia Coja & Iuliana Bozkurt, Jana Mifsud Novomeská and Translators without Borders...


02.08.2013 - New subject: Where is your favourite European place for vacation?


Info-Telex fairstep 15/13 - Dutch & Signs of Europe

... the fairstep website is now also available in Dutch ...

... deep thanks to Lara van der Zeeand Translators without Borders...

... have you seen the new "Signs of Europe"? ...


Info-Telex fairstep 14/13 - Greek & Welcome Croatia

... the fairstep website is now also available in Greek ...

... since today Croatia is the 28th Member of the EU. We warmly welcome all people from Croatia ...


Info-Telex fairstep 13/13 - Slovenian

... the fairstep website is now also available in Slovenian ...


Info-Telex fairstep 12/13 - Polish & TWB interview!

... the fairstep website is now also available in Polish ...

...  Essential Reading - TWB interview with fairstep under: http://translatorswithoutborders.org/twbnewsletter/05/fairstep/


Info-Telex fairstep 11/13 - Lithuanian!

... the fairstep website is now also available in Lithuanian ...


Info-Telex fairstep 10/13 - Magyar & Bulgarian + add. "signs"!

... the fairstep website is now also available in Magyar and Bulgarian ...

... and some "Signs of Europe" from Lithuania and Bulgaria were added too. 


Info-Telex fairstep 9/13 - Swedish & Czech + more "signs"!

... the fairstep website is now also available in Swedish and Czech ... 

... till now we received "Signs of Europe" from Spain, Austria, Greece and Germany - who will send us his own ??? 


Info-Telex fairstep 8/13 - new subject: "Signs of Europe"


Show your landmark! Whether big or small, old or young. Buildings, people, nature, or whatever else makes your town, your community, your neighborhood individual. Posting the photos to the fairstep Facebook page and / or send it to signs-of-europe@fairstep.org (please include what, where, who). We turn it into a beautiful European-Picture gallery for all.


Info-Telex fairstep 7/13 - Portuguese & Danish

... the fairstep website is now also available in Portuguese and Danish ...


Info-Telex fairstep 6/13 - new subject: "Run of the 10 000"



Info-Telex fairstep 5/13 - new subject: carnival



Info-Telex fairstep 4/13 - Italian

... the fairstep website is now also available in Italian ...


Info-Telex 3/13 - Spanish

... the fairstep website is now also available in Spanish...


Info-Telex 2/13 - new subject

... new "subject" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fairstep/440155382709116


Info-Telex 1/13 - French

... the fairstep website is now also available in French ...



We wish all people on earth a beautiful, lovely, peaceful and happy new year. May we meet in tolerance, respect, understanding, confidence and dignity!


Peaceful days for all people on earth!

Closeness creates understanding -

Distance causes misunderstanding!

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